Our Facilities

Please find below a price guide for hiring the community facilities at Cantell School.

All charges are for one hour and are exclusive of VAT:

FacilityLower band
January 2023
Summer Band
1st July – 31st August
Upper band
January 2023 (Minimum)
Summer Band
1st July – 31st August
Assembly Hall£22.00£40.00
Assembly Hall Sat/Sun Evening£27.00£48.00
Badminton Court£11.00£12.00
Meeting Room£16.00£25.00
Dance Studio£16.00£25.00
Drama Studio£16.00£25.00
Sports Hall£34.00£48.00
Hard Court£15.00£30.00
Hard Court (half)£9.00£20.00
Tennis Court£9.00£12.00
3G Pitch£65.00£40.00£80.00£60.00
3G Pitch (half)£40.00£28.00£60.00£40.00
3G Pitch (third)£30.00£20.00£45.00£30.00
Grass pitch (9×9)£20.00 £30.00 
Tiered Seating£35.00 £40.00 
Tiered Seating (half)£20.00 £25.00 
AV Training** and balcony area£30.00 £40.00

Lower band charges are for youth groups, not-for-profit community groups and charities.
Upper band charges are for commercial lettings and maybe open to negotiation.
The school will have the final authority over which band a letting is placed into.