Cantell has a well-stocked library with over 10,000 books on the shelves. Students are able to request books through Miss Bennett, our Librarian, if we do not have them already and we will get them in for the students, where possible. The student who requested the title will then be the first person to borrow out that book from the Library.

The Library is frequently used by some of our extra-curricular clubs such as the Wonder of Words Society and the Tabletop Adventure Club.

Recommended reads are frequently on display around the Library, either general recommendations or suited to a current topical event such as International Women’s Day or Pride Month, and these can tie in to some of our challenges. Our main challenge that students like to partake in, is the Millionaire Readers, with those who meet the target, being able to wear one of our golden Millionaire Reader hoodies in place of their school jumper.

The Library works together with the Literacy team to promote events such as World Book Day or the Cantell Reading Days. Book Fairs are often in the Library twice a year to enable students and staff to purchase half price books.