Cantell C’s

Cantell is a happy, thriving and successful school with a strong, diverse community. Our commitment is to provide an outstanding experience for everyone at Cantell, ensuring that our students leave us at the end of Year 11 as well-rounded individuals.

To ensure this is the case everyone at Cantell follows the five Cantell Cs throughout every element of school life.

Push yourself

Cantell students are not afraid of failure. They know the famous saying that if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. For it is only when we are pushed out of our comfort zones that we really use all of our potential and skills.

At Cantell, we are strong believers in the growth mindset, which is instilled into our students before they even officially join us during our Transition Week programme. During the programme they learn about famous people who have overcome initial setbacks to achieve great things.

Here are some more examples of Cantell students pushing themselves to be the very best they can, to achieve the highest levels:

Pull together

A key belief at Cantell is that although individuals can achieve great things, by working together, individuals can achieve incredible things. Teamwork is a key part of school life, whether it be in class, in group work or outside of school, in our sports teams. Students gain the co-operation skills that will serve them well in future life, during their time at Cantell.

Here are some more examples of Cantell students co-operating with each other in their work:

Be respectful and kind

Courtesy is the golden rule at Cantell – a central pillar in the five Cantell Cs. In our richly diverse community, we respect each other, we are polite and always show consideration to others. The Class of 2019 learnt, throughout Transition Week, that Courtesy is the golden rule – with each student having to show an understanding of what courtesy meant, before graduating from the programme.

Make a positive contribution

At Cantell, we know that having all the skills and enthusiasm to complete a task, is only half the battle. These are nothing without commitment and dedication. As a school, Cantell benefits from a dedicated and hard-working staff team, that strive to get the best from our students and support them all year round.

This attitude is reflected in our students, who continue to impress us with their drive and commitment in everything they do, leading to great success and achievement.

Think differently

We are proud to be a unique school, with unique students. As one of the Cantell Cs, we encourage our students to be creative in their work and their thinking, aiding them with challenging work, problem-solving and personal issues.

With our richly diverse community at Cantell, we are pleased to be able to draw on a variety of influences and outlooks to make up our unique school. This creative drive makes for some fantastic work both in and out of the classroom.