Community Council

Within the Cantell Community, we have completely restructured our Student Leadership so that it is practical for the 21st Century. We are an extremely inclusive school, where we pride ourselves on our diversity and inclusivity. Our Student Leadership has been completely reimagined; we have removed the traditional roles of ‘Head Boy’ or ‘Head Girl’ and now have gender neutral roles called Community Apprentices in KS3, Community Leaders in Year 10 and Community Mentors in Year 11

We want to allow our students to grow holistically and prepare themselves for life beyond education, so we focus on empowering our students and aim to grow their leadership, organisation, resilience, initiative, communication, independence, as well as allowing our students to have opportunities to grow their innovation and entrepreneurship. One way that this is done is through the Student Leadership programme.

Community Apprentices:

This is composed of Year 7,8 and 9 students who are dedicated to the Cantell community. The idea is that students will be actively involved in the school by taking part in wider school activities (such as Parents Evenings and Open Evenings – these may be virtual), being active members of the Community Council and feeding back ideas and initiatives to their Lesson A classes.

Community Leaders:

This is an opportunity for Year 10 students. Students have the chance to be part of what is considered the ‘traditional prefects’. The idea of this position is that students will help out more with regards to the wider community by being a role model to their year and the wider school. Students will also have the additional opportunity to work with the community apprentices, to help build and develop young students’ abilities and confidences.

Community Mentors:

This is an opportunity for Year 11 students. This is a new role which has been created that looks specifically at developing their employability skills, particularly: leadership, communication and organisation. Students will be developing their ‘management’ styles, which will help with college applications and going forward as they continue their life’s journey past Cantell.