Our policies on school uniform and dress code are reviewed annually.

Cantell School Dress Code

Polo shirts, sweatshirts and fleeces

As a result of student and parent feedback, we now have the school polo shirt available in a long-sleeved version as well as short-sleeved.
Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 & 9) students must wear a blue Cantell polo shirt, short or long sleeved.
Key Stage 4 (Years 10 & 11) students must wear a black Cantell polo shirt, short or long sleeved.
Students may also wear a Cantell sweatshirt or fleece in the same colour.

Trousers and shorts

Trousers must be plain black and have either a standard or boot cut leg (Not tight fitting or leggings). Jeans, cords, chinos, tracksuit bottoms and combat trousers are unacceptable. Plain black ‘school trouser type’ shorts may be worn in the summer months. You will be notified when this period starts closer to the time.


Skirts must be plain black, A-line or box pleat in style and should be worn so that the hem is no higher than 5cm above the knee. Tight fitting skirts and skater skirts are unacceptable.
In order to conform to religious requirements, navy blue over-tunic and navy trousers may be worn.

Shoes and trainers

Students may wear shoes or trainers which are plain black in colour. Laces, logos and any parts of the sole which are visible with the shoe flat on the ground must be plain black in colour. Boots are not acceptable for school.

PE Kit

Compulsory items: Cantell sports polo shirt, Cantell sports shorts, Cantell football socks, sports trainers (not plimsolls or fashion trainers).

Optional additional items: Cantell sports fleece, Cantell tracksuit trousers and football boots.

All Jewellery must be removed in PE lessons.

Facial piercings, hair and make-up

Plain studs are the only ‘piercing’ which may be worn in school. These must be removed for PE lessons.

Make up should be subtle and natural in appearance. Eye-liner and lipstick should not be worn. Nails should be natural. Acrylic and false nails are forbidden.
We do not allow extreme, unnatural hair colours.

Close-shaven hair (shorter than grade 2) or shaven designs are not acceptable.

Non-Uniform Day dress code

At Cantell school we regularly hold non-uniform days either to raise money for the charities we support or as a reward for students. Whilst students are free to wear their normal clothes, they will still be going to lessons and otherwise enjoying a normal day. As such there is a dress code we need students to adhere to. In particular we ask that chosen clothes still protect students’ modesty and safety when travelling up and down stairs and participating in lessons such as technology, drama and science. As such short skirts/shorts, low cut tops, crop tops or other, overly revealing clothing are not allowed. Also slip on, open-toed shoes such as sliders or flip-flops are not allowed for safety reasons. A student’s year leader will make a final decision regarding non-uniform and request that students in breach of this policy change their attire before going to lessons.

We want our students to feel comfortable and relaxed in school, as they would in the workplace. We also want our students to be individuals, within the confines of a uniform policy that ensures we are all equal. Extremes in any sense are not allowed. Individuality not at the cost of uniformity. 

Cantell Uniform can be purchased from the following shops:

The nearest branch of Skoolkit that supplies specific items of Cantell uniform is located in Eastleigh:

Telephone: 023 80 629095
Email: enquiries@skoolkit.co.uk
Address: 31 Leigh Road, Eastleigh SO50 9FF
Website: www.skoolkit.co.uk

The nearest branch of KOOLskools that supplies specific items of Cantell uniform is located in Southampton:

Telephone: 023 80 771839
Email: info@koolskools.co.uk
Address: Koolskools, 387 Shirley Road, Southampton, SO15 3TS
Website: www.koolskools.co.uk

Please find more information and price lists below: