House System

The House system is one of the most integral parts of the Cantell experience. Every single student and staff-member is placed into one of our four houses: 

  • Discovery
  • Endeavour
  • Pioneer 
  • Voyager 

This means that you can forge connections to teachers and other students that you may not normally have ever met. Through your house, you can build a community and family. Much like in the outside world, the more energy and enthusiasm you put into your community, the more you’ll get out!

At Cantell, our houses are all named after famous space craft. These symbolise the incredible experiences that you can have representing your house; the opportunities are infinite.

All throughout the year, your House Leaders will run loads of inter-house competitions for both staff and students in a range of different activities. The winning houses will be rewarded with points and glory! On top of that, every single House Point that you earn in class will go towards the overall score of your house, meaning that every single student has a responsibility to represent their house at all times of the day. It isn’t just about your overall House though, because students who achieve lots of house points will be awarded prizes throughout the year. 

So, remember to get involved, because your house needs you!