Cantell School Transport

School Bus

The Cantell School bus – service number 758 has now been running for a number of years and is very popular. Seats are allocated on a first come, first served basis and passes can be purchased either annually, monthly or weekly. Please ensure that your child has a valid bus ticket as they may be refused entry on the bus without one.

Students attending Extra-Curricular Clubs will be able to use buses in the Bluestar network to get home. Students will need to collect an “out of hours” pass from Student Services once they have finished their club. They will need show this to the bus driver along with their valid school bus pass to use the service.

For further information regarding our bus, please contact a member of the Student Services team on 02380323111.

Service 758:

Bus StopAMPM
Northam, Princes Street07:5015:34
Northam, Britannia Road07:5215:31
Brintons Road (Northam Road)07:54
Brintons Road07:5815:27
RSH Hospital08:0215:25
Portswood Junction08:1015:18
Cantell School08:2015:10

After-School Clubs Suggested Routes

Please click here for suggested routes and timetables, or visit


Dear Parents/Carers,

Re: 758 School Bus Service

Due to the substantial increase in costs for the provision of the School bus by the Bus company for the new financial year, we have had to make the difficult decision to increase the ticket price to £12 per week, £2.40 per day. Please see school website for updated monthly prices. This will take effect from 17th April 2023.

The School has always made a substantial contribution to the cost of the bus, which we will continue to do so, but not to increase the ticket price at this time could threaten the provision of the bus completely.


£390 – this must be paid at the start of the academic year.

Monthly Bus Prices for 2023/2024


You will need to pay by midday on the last working day of the month, so your child can collect their monthly bus pass from Student Services. All payments must be made online using Parentpay prior to travel.

Weekly Passes

£12.00 (Please note this amount will reduce for planned closures). You will need to pay by midday on the Friday of the week before, so your child can collect their weekly bus pass from Student Services.

For further info regarding travel to Cantell & around Southampton visit

Public Bus services

This is a Uni-Link service from the city dedicated to our students and not to the general public, students are advised to use this service as numbers are limited on all other public services and may be refused travel. Students travelling from the general hospital direction should still use the regular U6C.

Bus 506 Timetable

Kingsland Market07:3515:37
Houndwell Park07:3715:33
West Quay07:3915:31
Civic Centre07:4215:29
New Road Park Walk07:4315:28
East Park Terrace07:4615:26
RSH Hospital07:5115:25
Portwood Junction07:5915:18
Cantell School08:1015:10

Please check the Bluestar and Unilink websites for all other bus times.

Active Travel Policy

At Cantell School we encourage students and parents to travel to school by cycling, scooting and walking (active travel) wherever possible. This school travel policy explains how we will be encouraging active travel to school. We will discuss the policy with the students and re-visit it periodically to ensure its relevance. For students unable to travel to school actively, we encourage use of public transport or car-share.

Please click here for our Travel to School Map

If you have any ideas to improve things at or around school for pedestrians and cyclists, or questions about travelling to school, please get in touch with Miss S Merredew or your Sustrans Schools officer Jenny Babey.

Some of the benefits of active travel are:
• Improving both mental and physical health through physical activity.
• Establishing positive active travel behaviour.
• Promoting independence and improving safety awareness.
• Reducing congestion, noise and pollution in the community.
• Reducing the environmental impact of the journey to school.

To encourage students to cycle or scoot to school frequently the school will:
• Actively promote cycling and scooting as a positive way of travelling.
• Celebrate the achievements of those who cycle and scoot to school.
• Provide cycle and scooter storage on the school site.
• Provide high quality cycle training to all students who wish to participate.

To make cycling and scooting to and from school a positive experience for everybody concerned, we expect our students to:
• Ride sensibly and safely and to follow the Highway Code.
• Check that their bicycle or scooter is roadworthy and regularly maintained.
• Behave in a manner which shows them and the school in the best possible light and to consider the needs of others when cycling or scooting.
• Consider wearing a cycle helmet.
• Ensure they can be seen by other road users, by using lights and wearing high-visibility clothing, as appropriate.

For the wellbeing of our students, we expect parents and carers to:
• Encourage their child to walk, cycle or scoot to school whenever possible.
• Encourage their child to take up opportunities to develop their competence and confidence in cycling or scooting.
• Consider cycling or scooting with their child on the school run, possibly joining with other families as a ‘cycle train’.
• Provide their child with equipment such as high-visibility clothing, lights, a lock and cycle helmet as appropriate.
• Ensure that the bicycles and scooters ridden to school are roadworthy and regularly maintained.

Please note that:
• The decision as to whether a child is competent to cycle, scoot or walk safely to and from school rests with the parent(s)/carer(s). The school has no liability for any consequences of that decision.
• This policy covers the journey to and from school where the school has no responsibility or liability. When walking, scooting and cycling activities are being led by the school there may additional rules and guidance concerning equipment such as use of helmets, high visibility clothing, etc.
• Parents are advised to consider appropriate insurance cover (check home insurance) as the school is not liable for, and its insurance does not cover, any loss or damage to bicycles and scooters being used on the way to or from school.