Chinese Exchange – With open arms and open minds

As they come to the end of their second week with us, it is clear that all students and staff alike have fully embraced having our wonderful visitors here from Wuxi Foreign Language School as part of Global School Exchanges. 

Our student visitors have taken on board the Cantell Cs (Courtesy, Co-operation, Commitment, Creativity and Challenge) and, along with their student buddy have challenged themselves and tried new things and supported each other with kindness, patience and understanding.  

With students stating they have found the experience to be 

 “Refreshing” “Eye opening” “Enlightening” “Wonderful” “Fun” “Cultural Experience” “Great” 

Dr Barnes, Coordinator, Cantell said “this has been INCREDIBLE” what an opportunity for all of the students involved to learn more about each other’s cultures and to share their experiences.  The programme is certainly expanding our horizons and I am excited to see where things go next.” 

Yi Huang, Director of the College Guidance Office said “Cantell School has provided our students with a rich array of engaging courses, in addition to the core curriculum, the school offers various extracurricular activities, ranging from Aerial Fitness, Golf to Dance and Arts. This diverse set of options ensures that students have the opportunity to develop comprehensively. 

The pleasant and relaxed environment at Cantell School has allowed our students to immerse themselves in a truly authentic British educational experience. It encourages them to step out of their comfort zones, try new things, and foster the courage to interact with peers from different countries. This setting not only enhances their language skills but also promotes personal growth” 

Lewis Bevil, Programme Lead, Global School Exchanges added “It has been such a pleasure to witness the students from Wuxi Foreign Language School develop their knowledge of English and their understanding of British culture. All the students and staff at Cantell school have been so warm and welcoming to us, which has enabled us to be able to provide the best experience possible for our students on the programme. At Global School Exchanges, we are looking to continue to provide memorable experiences to students from China to facilitate further successful cultural exchanges for many years to come” 

We hope that they continue to enjoy their time with us and that this will lead to future collaborations. 

Here is a video summarising their first two weeks with us: